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Air-Conditioning Services

A-Cube Microsystems offers a variety of options for clients when it comes to servicing and repairing their Air Conditioning equipment, so that come summer you are able to cool your house without any need for Air,Conditioning repair. Servicing your Air Conditioning system every year can help prevent the need for Air Conditioning.

Many kinds of Air-Conditioning Services

  • Air-Conditioning Installation
  • Air-Conditioner Servicing
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Commercial Air-Con Services
  • Residential Air-Con Services
  • HVAC Services

Air-Conditioning Installation Services

Expert Air-Con Installations

Our workshop is well equipped with the latest equipment’s, measuring Instruments and testing facilities with latest infrastructure and efficient Techno-commercial professionals having substantial experience in the Air Conditioning field. Our technicians are well versed instil commitment and having very good exposure in the field of Air Conditioning so as to facilitate to handle any type of problem smoothly.

Our air-con partners provide commercial and residential air-con installations, maintenance and air-con repair services. We
are just a phone call away whenever you encounter problems.

Installation for Easy-Fit System

This is where the evaporator or called the indoor unit is mounted within the outer divider where the condenser, or known as the open air unit is to be found and shot legitimately to the floor. The Condenser area is on the ground floor, effectively available and any dividers are equipped for supporting the hardware's weight. The Interconnecting channel work is under 4m and the condensate line is gravity nourished. The customer simply need to guarantee there is a 15amp electrical attachment inside 1.5m of the inward or outside unit relying upon the make of unit. For frameworks 7kw or more, a 20amp supply least will be the necessity.

Air-con Servicing

Air Con Servicing should be done consistently to keep your air-cons work easily and effectively. In any case, with our help, you can get great framework upkeep administrations and the affirmation that the cooling framework or your HVAC will be in amazing working condition nonstop.

Our Aircon administration accomplices have an expansive learning about cooling administrations. At whatever point you need an expert Aircon specialist organization with quality administration with great suggestions from customers, we are the one for you.

We offer the following services and they are categorized accordingly as follows:


Contact us today for your air-con installation, maintenance and servicing needs now to keep your air cons working in top working condition.

Email us at sales@a-cubemicrosystems.com and SMS us at 9386 1459.